Soflens Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Soflens Daily Disposable Contact Lens

Bausch & Lomb Softlens Daily Disposable Contact Lens (Clear, 30 Lenses each Box)

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    No return No exchange

  • Specification

    • The soft contact lenses are made of a time tested deposit resistant material & High Definition Optics design that helps in reducing the appearance of blurriness, halos, and glare even in low light conditions
    • Type of Lens: Clear, High definition vision
    • Disposable feature, convenience of using a fresh pair of lenses everyday. Travel friendly.
    • These soft contact lenses don't need cleaning, storage or care; simply use a pair every day. Use & Throw.
    • Optimal time duration: Daily
₹1,800.00 Regular Price
₹1,530.00Sale Price

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